Neuroscience and Design

The realm of psychology and computers greatly overlap. I’ve always been interested in what aspects of a design or layout work or don’t work for the user. I stumbled upon this very interesting blog post from a group that I follow on LinkedIn called Friends of You can find the blog post here:

I just finished taking a Biopsychology course at the University of Washington and it gives a great introduction to explain the connection between a person’s behavior and the areas of the brain that control them. After reading this article I feel this aspect of evaluating design in the eyes of a neuroscientist should be in the forefront of every design process. The basic concept is that your are trying to figure out the best way to appeal to your user using neuroscience.

I would love to become involved in the research and the process in designing designs based on the Neurological Best Practices of NeuroFocus. I am looking forward to reading the his follow up posts. I also can’t wait to read more articles about this fascinating subject.

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